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From couples who want to buy their first home, to investors who want to buy in order to obtain, later, rental income. Regardless of the category, clients of Sodolescu Imobiliare si Constructii receive quality consulting and services.

Because we appreciate them very much, we keep in touch with customers and before presenting them with a property, we make sure we understand their preferences. So it is very likely that when you present us with the property you want to sell, we will already have a customer in mind and that the transaction will take place faster than you would have thought.

Another way to keep in touch with customers is our blog. Through it we answer questions and inquiries related to sales, rentals or any other issue related to our field of activity.

In addition to all this, Sodolescu Imobiliare si Constructii offers all the legal guarantees related to buying or renting a property. Thus, after concluding the negotiation process, we will help you to prepare the notarial deeds. From the sale-purchase or rental contract, to the tabulation of the new owner in the land book, our team will be with you.

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