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Sodolescu Imobiliare si constructii offers the developers of real estate complexes the possibility to purchase land with our help or to sell exclusively the constructions it has. The two types of service can be negotiated together, but are not interdependent.

Thus, for the acquisition of land on the surface of which buildings, real estate complexes, or houses are to be built, according to Western standards, we will always find the best solutions. The proposed locations will always align with the client's requirements and their use.

In addition, developers will enjoy assistance and consulting from the time of purchase. Also in view of successful transactions, we ensure the negotiation and obtaining the best price. The legal aspects are not neglected either, our real estate agency offering support with the help of the collaboration relations established in the over 20 years of experience in the field. In this sense, our company offers, for a commission of 2% plus VAT, the solution of the steps related to the submission or collection of documents from the profile institutions such as the City Hall, the Regional Directorate of Public Finance or the Ministry of Cults.

Our help also extends to the recommendations of people who can provide support for the preparation of documents necessary for the creation of PUZ, for topometry, architecture and everything necessary for the construction of complexes that will be a reference point in the real estate market. Timisoara.

If the developers grant us exclusivity for the sale of apartments, buildings or other built spaces, we offer them above all the certainty of successful transactions both from a financial point of view and from the point of view of location and other needs of developers.

Another difficult process in which we want to join forces is the analysis of the location, depending on each project and client. Thus, our high attention to detail will be the one we will bet on when telling the type of units to which a certain land is suitable, the maximum height that a building can have according to the land it has and, of course, the type of the building that will have the highest efficiency in that location. Experience allows us to go further and offer you advice even in terms of the type of compartmentalization or the annexation of various spaces such as parking spaces.

The exclusivity contract also includes the communication and sale of constructions at a professional level, by drawing up and following a PR and Marketing plan initiated at the moment of obtaining the construction authorization. This plan includes:

1. Detailed description of the project as well as the history of the developer (* costs provided by us).
2. Branding for each project, which contains the following elements: name, logo, motto
3. Promoting the project through online and offline means of communication:
a. online on your own site, on imobiliare.ro, on the microsite updated daily with useful information (no. of units sold, rented, reserved, available) dedicated to each project and on social networks suitable for each
c. offline: in the press, banners, meshes or other means
4. Making the necessary materials for promotion: folders, flyers or others

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, our company will select a team of real estate consultants who will work onsite, from the moment the works are completed for at least one unit (* costs provided by us).

We mention that only the developer pays a commission of 2% VAT, and the buyers are charged 0%. Also, in addition to the support offered to developers, our agency also offers advice to buyers (including both buyers with loans and other types of buyers).

In order for all these processes to take place in a timely manner, we will ensure that obtaining tax and energy certificates will not be difficult (* the costs of preparing the documents are borne by the developer).

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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