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Residential complexes
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Klapka Residence
Strada Josef Klapka, 14-16, Timisoara
KLAPKA RESIDENCE is located in the BRAYTIM area on Josef Klapka street nr. 14-16 Timisoara. The building is structured on the ground floor a[...]
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Vila Interact
Strada Venetia, 10, Dumbravita
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Projects sold
Ansamblul rezidential RIO
Strada Constructorilor, 26, Timisoara
Confort Residence
Strada Delfinilor, 15, Dumbravita
Maiere Estate
Strada Mures, 160-162, Timisoara
BVA Residence
Strada Tarcului, 1, Dumbravita
Park Giroc
Strada Neptun, FN, Giroc
Park Giroc is a new real estate project developed with skill and attention to detail, close to people and the essence of life, each family t[...]
Rivendelle Residence 1 (CORP A)
Strada Constructorilor, 16, Timisoara
Rivendelle Residence 1 (CORP B)
Strada Constructorilor, 16, Timisoara
Rozelor Residence
Strada Tristan Tzara, FN, Timisoara
Ansamblul Rezidential Milano 2
Strada Claude Debussy, 15, Timisoara
BVA Residence 2
Strada Tarcului, 1, Timisoara
Firenze Residence
Strada Delfinului, 3, Timisoara
Torino Residence
Strada Venetia, 18-20, Dumbravita
Origami Residence
Strada Virgil Onitiu, 13-15, Timisoara
Ansamblul Rezidential Milano 1
Strada Claude Debussy, 15, Timisoara
Strada George Devereux, 2, Timisoara
Ravelresidence was born out of a passion for quality, beautiful and well done, from the primary need of a living space to the desire to expr[...]
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